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  5. "when you arrive there"

"when you arrive there"

Translation:ke hiki ʻoe i laila

January 22, 2019



Turn left there. "E huli hema ma laila." When you arrive there. "Ke hiki 'oe i laila."
For this lesson, "i" and "ma" are not interchangable and neither has to do with being moving or stationary, so DL needs to provide an explanation.


Turning left at a location - huli hema ma ...


Turning left to (towards) a location - huli hema i ...

When you arrive (to) there - Ke hiki 'oe i laila.


That is truly excellent! Thanks.


"That place" isn't far off from "there." Still, I could have saved time by writing "i laila" instead of "kēlā wahi."


Since the word there in English is ambiguous (there where you are pointing or there meaning the place you already mentioned), then both should be accepted.


When we use "laila", when " ʻō "? Please, I'm lost...


The word there in English is ambiguous. The word ʻō meaning there would be where you are pointing and it is visible, and laila meaning there would be the place you already mentioned.


Mahalo nui loa! Saying vs. showing. Trying to remember that! Need more practice, now that I have an idea how to figure out the right answer. Mahalo e Keli`i!

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