"Aia ka lānui ma ka lā ʻeiwa o Malaki."

Translation:The holiday is on the ninth day of March.

January 22, 2019

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Why not also accept "March ninth"?


OK, according to discussion over a previous sentence in this lesson (which I don't remember now, but included "a" vs "the" and whether or not to say "day"), I think I should have gotten this wrong: "the holiday is the ninth of march" (missing "on" and "day"). But I'm happy with getting it right! ;)


(But maybe I should have reported it as "I should have gotten this wrong" or whatever the option is. As I note below, they really do read those comments!)


Why is the ninth of March not correct. You never use the 9th day oa March. I dont remember that ever being discussed


In another chapter "aia" wasn't accepted in the same sentence structure - instead of "aia" it had to be "o ka lānui..."


I'd suggest reporting that as "something else happened" and then say this specifically in the remarks. They do read those! :)

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