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  5. "What is the skunk's name?"

"What is the skunk's name?"

Translation:Gólízhii haash wolyé?

January 22, 2019



I'm very happy to see so much proper skunk etiquette.


Worked with a european Keyboard too, when writing it like that " Golizhi haash wolyé? "


You can also say Haash gólízhii wolye?


Here's a sentence you'll never use...


Maybe not exactly this, but you are still learning vocabulary and sentence structure. This sentence helps you practice an animal name and also helps to practice asking someone or something's name.

Most of Duolingo is like this. Sometimes the sillier it is, the more likely you are to remember because it's comical and unexpected to read. I think another strange sentence I've seen is "the ant is reading a book" in another language, but it's the same idea of learning here even though the sentence is silly.

Remember that learning a language isn't about learning all precise sentences you will ever say, but learning the words of that language and how they go together. Then you can form sentences naturally on your own later when actually using the target language in writing or speaking.

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