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Section 'Questions' - order of answers

Have noticed that answers to questions (section: Questions) do not remain in chronological order, which makes their flow rather weird. Is there somebody at Duolingo who rearranges responses in another order?

July 13, 2012



I would add that it's not the most convenient, as more and more questions and answers add up to the topic, it becomes really messed up at the end. I think Duolingo team should separate the top rated answers/questions from the rest, and with a fold/unfold button so people can see clearly the topic when they want to.


No, when someone uprates or downrates answers, the order changes. They are sorted date within rank. I'm going to uprate this question and it will appear above jackelliot's post, currently above this one at the time of writing. If you are replying to someone other than the OP, make sure you address your reply - like this: @jackelliot - it is quite, but not so very interesting! Otherwise, it gets very confusing as to who is replying to whom.


I have only just found out 1. You can vote on your own post and 2. you can change the vote later.


Stupid me, I had not understood that answers could be up or down graded! So, thanks 1km and Mizotte (in chronological order of your answers to me!).


Thank you Mizotte for this info: you can be sure I'll use it from now on...


@Mizotte - I've down-voted your post as requested ... . Should be below jackelliot's now, unless someone up-votes you or down-votes jackelliot's futher. @jackelliot - sorry, nothing personal about your post, just experimenting!


Agree with Arjofocolovi about being able to change the order to chronological and back to top rated answers. We also need sticky Insights and moderators - people keep asking the same questions about "Where to I find more translations?", "I can't progress", etc., etc.

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