"Pelayanan yang buruk itu juga dialami oleh mereka."

Translation:That bad service is also experienced by them.

January 22, 2019

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It seems they only accept the translation of the word "buruk" as "bad" although other english words are translated at "buruk", such as "poor", "horrible", dls I wrote "That poor service also was experienced by them" and it was declared wrong.

On another note, this is a very awkward sentence in English and would rarely, if ever, be used.


Totally agree with you.


Shouldn't "was also experienced" also be correct?


My answer "That bad service was also experienced by them" is now accepted (Nov. 2021). Thank you for your reporting.


Literal translation aside, here is another option: "They also experienced the bad service"


The original sentence is in passive mood.
Your translation is in active mood.


I understand this, but really struggle with a sentence that sounds so bad in English.


Indonesian native speakers use passive sentences a lot for a variety of reasons. Don't try to capture Indonesian sentences from your English perspectives. For more information with example sentences, please read a post on the general forum titled "Too many di- verbs sound snaky to you?"



Thanks. Will give it a go. cheers


The bad service WAS also expirienced by them would be a better translation using the correct English grammar. However I dont think we can be too literal when translating between any language. If this program was able to cope with every inference we as individuals would conclude as the correct answer this program would need to alot bigger which means more expensive. We can't complain too much however the type of sentence we get such as "There is no life on my planet" I find pointless

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