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  5. "Go upland."

"Go upland."

Translation:E hele i uka.

January 22, 2019



Why i uka and not ma uka?


The subject is moving. It is "i" because it implies the action "to or toward." It would be "ma" if the action were implying a stationary action "at or in." For example, Going to Honolulu versus Working at home. "Hele i Honolulu." "Hana ma ka hale." We can re-arrange the action and get the same result. Working in Honolulu versus Going Home. "Hana ma Honolulu." "Hele i ka hale." The difficulty arises with modern teaching that allows "i" and "ma" to be interchangeable. Oftentimes, that is true.
But sometimes the switch creates a weird visualization. For example, I am cooking in the kitchen. "Ke kuke nei au [i/ma] ka lumi kuke." One cannot be cooking toward the kitchen, so the natural tendency is to choose "ma." But I believe "i" is also an acceptable choice only because its meaning is understood. Some folks are traditional over this and some folks are contemporary.


There is a discrepancy between the answer given in the exercise, "E pi'i i uka," and the answer given here, "E hele i uka."


Piʻi? An unfamiliar word, which I could not guess. Duolingo has not taught me this yet. The answer was: E piʻi i uka. Not: E hele i uka. Some fix is needed here.


Same. Had never seen it before.


YES! Got it correct on the first the attempt. I feels good when I learn something new!


Why say "i uka" or "ma uka"? Looks like pi'i means 'to go inland or overland. To walk or go up.'


I don’t find pi’i in the DL dictionary either, so I will flag the answer.... but the answer above on this thread is not what I was shown as the correct answer either. Clearly hele should be accepted but I was marked wrong.


Pi'i can be found in the dictionary: hilo.hawaii.edu/wehe Or try wehewehe.org

Pi'i: to go inland or upland.


Thank you. Is the DL dictionary unreliable then? I appreciate the reply and the links. :)


Sometimes I find the DL dictionary helpful, other times not. You can try to report the word is missing from the DL dictionary with the report or suggestion option.

I find 'ōlelo Hawai'i, hawaiian language, definitions so challenging that the more dictionaries I have access to the better. I use the hilo dictionary when I need to know verb type. I use wehewehe.org when I need to see more options, or broaden the search. If you look on the right side of the screen, there are options on the types of books to use in the search, including place names.


I found pi'i in the duolingo dictionary when I used the drop down arrow for special keys and selected the single quote from that location. I found typing a single quote directly from the keyboard did not work in the Duolingo dictionary.


Umm, the correct choice was not there. It said the answer was: " E pi'i i uka."


why is "hele" not the version og go used here? i got it wrong which is a fine time for a learning opportunity!

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