"I do not like the long gown."

Translation:Saya tidak suka gaun panjang itu.

January 23, 2019

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Shouldn't it be "saya tidak suka gaun panjang"? "gaun panjang itu" should translate to "that long dress" instead of "the long dress"?


"saya tidak suka gaun panjang"="I don't like long dresses (in general)"

"gaun panjang itu"="that long dress", yes I agree with you.

I think this is the problem:
"that long dress"="gaun panjang itu"
"the long dress"="gaun panjang itu"

No articles in Indonesian, so "the" & "that" are translated the same with "itu".

My feeling is that English uses "the" as a replacement for "that".
I mean, if you know which dress you're talking about, why not be more specific and say "this dress" or "that dress" instead of saying "the dress".
"the dress" , I still don't know which dress.
But I'm used to it by now :)
Besides, I don't wear dresses, so no problem for me.


I see! That makes sense haha, thank you :)

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