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  5. "Read at 6:15."

"Read at 6:15."

Translation:E heluhelu ʻoe i ka hapahā i hala ka hola ʻeono.

January 23, 2019



E heluhelu ʻoe ma ka hapahā i hala ka hola ʻeono. Whatʻs the difference between ma and i? is it in the sound?


Ma refers to location. In English, this 'at' is a point in time, not a location. So "i" not "ma".


Same question—but no answer yet...


I can't give you a hard-and-fast rule on this, but I do know that in general conversation, "i" is generally used for periods of time (hours, days, months, years, etc.). Using "ma" would be understood, but for me personally, I donʻt think I ever use "ma" for periods of time. Just sounds funny to my pepeiao. I wonder how consistent DL is in following this.


Me three!! Arrghh!!


The English doesn't specify who's reading, so why 'oe?


I don't think the 'oe is 100% necessary in the Hawaiian if you're actually speaking with someone. It just clarifies that the command is for a singular you.

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