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  5. "This poke is delicious."

"This poke is delicious."

Translation:ʻOno kēia poke.

January 23, 2019



WHY? What is the rule with the placement of keia and kela ... sometimes before the noun, sometimes afterward. I REALLY WISH they offered some grammar instruction ...


Iʻll take a stab at this but no guarantees. A class inclusion sentence (verbless) would be "This is [a] delicious poke"/He poke ʻono kēia where kēia is the subject. But "This poke is delicious" is a simple verb statement, not a class inclusion statement. Iʻd say the ʻono here is acting as a verb followed by poke, the subject, and because of that, kēia (like ke or ka) goes in front of the subject as it would in English.


Hmm, I am still a beginner, but I am pretty sure that "keia" can come after poke (but poke then might need another article?).


ʻOno kēia poke. This poke is delicious.

He poke ʻono kēia! This is tasty poke!

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