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  5. "C'est à cause de ce garçon."


"C'est à cause de ce garçon."

April 6, 2013



I have such a problem identifying these possessive(son/sa/ses/mon/ma/mes.. etc) vs demonstrative adjectives (ce/cet/cette..).


When listening to them I mean, my ears cant always distinguish whats being said. And more importantly, this causes the owl to be very sad, very often.


The difference is there, but it's not always easy. And sometimes you have to get it from the context. Using the "slower" option helps in separating the words as well.

ce = "suh" ses = "seh" c'est = "set"


Thanks EStyrke


My struggles come from 'C'est' at the beginning of a sentence, Currently, I don't know if I should begin with 'It is, he is, she is, this is' and I run through them like a child runs through a check list. Maybe I need more practice, but atm I have no way of quickly identifying which one to use.

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