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I Don't Feel Like I'm Progressing In Korean

[deactivated user]

    Does anyone have any tips with learning Korean. I'm currently using Duolingo, KoreanClass101.com on YouTube and some podcasts as my main sources of learning Korean. But I feel like I'm not learning anything.

    I have so far only been successful in memorizing 2 words in Korean.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    January 23, 2019



    Hi, I would try to get to level 5 in every skill before moving on, also read tips and note, perhaps you are rushing a little


    I'm the same way. It's frustrating. I've found watching K-Dramas helps as you can hear words spoken natively. I'm only just starting to learn how to read some words. I've just ordered a Korean phrase book to help and also checked out Talk To Me in Korean which is another pod-cast system that's free and tells you how to correctly pronounce phrases like "Hello" and "Thank You" I've found practising as much as possible on Duolingo in my spare time is slowly helping. A big tip is don't rush, I find Korean quite difficult and rushing is only going to make it more difficult.


    I had the same feeling but don't worry too much, at first surely it'll be hard because they have a completly different alphabet and you can't make any relation with the words, keep trying -try to listen the language (music, films, dramas) -look at "talk to me in korean" website and youtube channel -you'll learn by repetition but a very easy and fast way to learn vocabulary is this method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNYNcCZpa9M It's very useful, it helped me a lot, even if you think you're losing time keep trying, you'll surprised how much you've learn fighting!


    Having multiple resources is a good place to start. I can't say anything about Korean Class 101, as I don't use it, but YouTube and Duolingo can be pretty good if used properly. I don't learn Korean off of YouTube so I can't recommend any YouTubers, however exposing yourself to the language is good so watch TV shows (like Knowing Brothers, Real Men 100 or anything that is in Korean as long as you're having fun. K-Pop isn't for everyone but it helped me a lot to learn specific words as I listen to songs often.) In learning any language patience is everything so don't rush, otherwise it'll get frustrating and you won't get anywhere. Enjoy the language and take your time. There's a reason why they say moderation to everything (^-^). Like I said earlier having multiple sources is a great idea so I have a list of apps that will help you (for free by the way ;D):

    Hangul Punch: its a cute app that helps you learn Hangul and shows you what it sounds like, if you use it often you'll develop a sturdy hang on Hangul. You'll be able to read Korean easily (out loud too). It's in game format so it stays interesting and challenging, you can change the game speed to become slower or quicker, I recommend the 90 seconds intervals.

    Understand Korean: This app is extremely helpful as it gives you a strong foundation for Korean. It teaches you grammar and sentence structure, which is my pet peeve with Duolingo as it just throws you into a pit of scary unknown sentences, which can hinder your learning speed and can be seriously confusing. (like that uncle that throws you into a pool and watches you almost drown, yes you can be tough and just go through it and complain afterwards... but I don't think anyone likes unpleasant ways of learning so... its nicer to have training wheels for languages! :P) This app might not be full of fancy buttons, in fact its quite minimalist, but it gets the job done and is more than I could ever ask for. (100% free by the way. and no I'm not stingy, I'm broke face-palm)

    Korean Learners Dictionary: Its a must have as it's super efficient. It was recommended to me by a Korean friend and it works wonders~! It has a voice recognition thing so you can tell it the specific word you need. If you pronunciation isn't great don't worry as it offers options for the result spelling. It gives you definitions for the words and different sentence examples.

    Other apps are just trial and error, find what works for you. I use Duolingo to practice Korean sentence structure and learning basic vocabulary. Try to get all five crowns in each category, that's what I do, it'll give you a strong foundation and help your memory. I hope I've helped you, even if it was just a bit. :)


    I think you should learn Hangul and become fluent at it, and to not use Romanizations. I first started by learning Hangul and now I can read Korean, without knowing what it means. Then I recommend to start learning Korean (words) by using Talk To Me In Korean. I have made this little book by putting all the words I learn in there, by lesson and learn like that. I put the whole lesson in to my words and I think this is a good way to become fluent in Korean. Also, remember to practice Korean each day, even if it is for 20 minutes. It really helps! Good Luck!


    i learnt most words from variety shows, cuz they usually include sub in korean,so i can learn by getting familiar w/ the words as well as learnin the pronounciation(but u'll need to learn hangul first ofc). This will work to widen vocab


    I've been doing Talk To Me in Korea, and so far It's been very helpful. I know how you feel of not feeling the progression, It's a hard language and the progression is slow, but keep on learning! ~


    I have the same problem, to be honest, maybe try watching things like K-Dramas to help with talking like a native. Try and finish all of the Duolingo lessons while taking notes, and when you have time, go back and re-do the lesson to memorize each letter. Don't rush and always write down what you're doing to make sure you don't forget, try to challenge yourself to see how far you can go.


    Do not give up, persist, it's another language, it's normal to be difficult at the beginning, if you do not have difficulty it would not be fun, consider it a challenge, a challenge that you will win


    rosetta stone is also a really good sight. Other than that korean music or shows help with pronunciation and recognition

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