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Beginner Hindi

Greetings, all,

I just started learning Hindi, (I plan on traveling there this summer) and I wonder how many of you jumped the hurdle of learning the alphabet. Did you use secondary sources and much practice outside of duolingo, or did you simple do all of the alphabet lessons until they were maxed out?

Thanks, Nicholas

January 23, 2019



Had an Indian language exchange friend that helped with that over Skype, he just helped with explaining how to pronounce each letter, past that I just made flash cards for each letter and their sounds, went through the deck for about 30 minutes before it was mastered, wasn't that hard.


I just powered through the lessons on DuoLingo as well as some practice lessons to review. I looked at some secondary sources, very sparingly, just to see differences in how the individual characters might be written. Also, getting an overview of all the characters helped some with context and memorization. But it was mostly just sticking to the DuoLingo lessons until maxed out. There were moments were I definitely felt overwhelmed, especially with some of the nuanced pronunciation differences between similar sounds, but now I'm learning vocabulary and grammar and feel the work is paying off.


I too did. Because I already was conversant with them. Further, I would say that the commentary is very stereotyped, and repetitive. It should have more rhythm, and life to it to make more interesting,


I use android apps "Drops", "Hindi Alphabet Writing", "Learning 50 languages".

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Many people I've spoken to found the Hindi script tutor helpful. https://www.hindibhasha.com/hindiscripttutor.htm


Hello, I learnt all the lessons. I began in august. Now I am learning "Home" lesson. Sometimes, i learn 2 or 3 themes at the same time because it's repetitive. This makes it possible to change and return to learning to better memorize them. Excuse me, I do not write English well because I'm french. Florence

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