"Brother, I want to talk to you."

4/6/2013, 7:34:59 PM


"Frere, je veux vous parler" wasn't accepted. I get that maybe it's too formal for a brother - but is it grammatically wrong?

6/17/2013, 5:15:19 PM

Surely, "Frère, je veux parler à toi" can work, too? That is literally, "Brother, I want to talk to you."

4/6/2013, 7:34:59 PM

This is frustrating, since multiple translations are often possible.

6/4/2013, 1:54:49 AM

"Frère, je veux parler avec tu" doesn't work. Why does it have to be toi?

8/4/2013, 11:15:42 PM

tu is a subject, toi is an object. It's exactly like the difference between "I" and "me" in english. You wouldn't say "Speak with I" , you'd say "speak with me".

8/9/2013, 3:13:40 AM

The statement says to "... talk TO you." not "... talk with you" - so why wouldn't "parler à toi" be correct.

8/13/2013, 12:02:58 PM
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