"ke hiki ʻoe i laila"

Translation:when you arrive there

January 23, 2019

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(Laila) is used to refer to a place when the person you are talking to already knows what place you are referring to.

Look at segment [3:28] to [4:40] on the link provided. Ka Leo ʻŌiwi | Episode 8: https://youtu.be/XzDZpCDJTn8

ʻaneʻi = here

ʻō = there (away from the person you are talking to)

laila = there (close / next to the person you are talking to)

The link above shows visual examples. (Start at time segment 3:28 in the video.)


"I laila" versus "ma laila" Any hints?

"I laila" is used in the sentence - when you arrive there. "Ma laila" was required in the sentence - turn left there.

Can someone please provide grammar guidance?



I'm still learning, but I think "ma" refers to being at the location, while "i" can refer to either being or approaching a location.

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