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  5. "I go together with him."

"I go together with him."

Translation:Saya pergi bersama dia.

January 23, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Putting dengan (with) isnt valid, why? Its longer but still works. Translation is shortened.


    'Saya pergi dengan dia' was allowed too.


    Can one have two ber verbs together? For example berangkat bersama? Or thats not allowed?


    I got to choose the answer: aku pergi bersama dia. I thought only 'saya' could be used for 'I'


    Saya is a formal way of saying 'I', but Aku is used as an informal spelling. Both are acceptable.


    "I go together with him." This is a very awkward sentence in English. A native English speaker will not use this sentence. The proper way to say this in English is, "He and I go together."


    I wrote "saya pergi bersama dengen dia". Is this also correct?


    Together is superfluous and sounds weird


    It's redundant. "Bersama" means with or together, probably not both. I think the author of many of these exercises has some problems with English. I know Indonesian is still in beta, but much of it is not helpful.


    Is this rather "I go out to be with him"? Otherwise, how do we say "I go out to be with him"?

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