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"Torg brags about his beautiful belt buckle."

Translation:'alnIlDaj 'IHmo' mIy torgh.

January 23, 2019



I'm a bit confused about this sentence. If Torg brags about something having a certain property then as I understand it, that thing might not have that property, so the belt buckle is not necessarily beautiful. But if he's bragging because of his beautiful belt buckle then according to the speaker, the belt buckle is indeed beautiful. Is there no differentiation between these two cases in Klingonese, or am I just alone in not seeing the two phrases as being equivalent?


The course contributors have chosen poorly to formulaically translate about something as because of something. They don't mean the same thing and are only sometimes close enough to be used in the same situation.

To correctly render about in Klingon, you need to be more wordy, and there's no single formula.

mIyDI' torgh 'alnIlDaj 'IH Del When Torg brags he describes his beautiful belt buckle.

rojmab wIrIch We talk about the peace treaty.

'otlhQeD bop paqvetlh That book is about physics.

HoDvaD jIghel; jIjatlh nuq bIH Qu'meywIj'e' I asked the captain about my duties.

As you can see, there are various degrees of looseness of translation you'll have to come up with. Just don't treat it like a formula.


Besides the question of whether using the -mo' suffix is a good way to express this concept, I would like to point out that a bragging about a thing does not mean that the things is not true. If I win a prize, I might brag about it. If my wife is beautiful, I might brag about her. If Torg's belt buckle is beautiful, he very well might brag about it. Bragging about something does not mean that it doesn't have that property.

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