"Kamu mengisi rumahmu dengan buku."

Translation:You fill your house with books.

January 24, 2019

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Why is the plural sometimes indicated by duplicating the noun when other times the singular suffices?


It depends on the context.
Reduplication is not always necessary to indicate the plural form.
For example in this sentence, it's not strange to assume that you need more than one book to fill a house.
It's obvious (implied) that it's plural, so it's not necessary to use the reduplication.
The context indicates the plural form.
It's not wrong to use it here in this sentence, but it's not necessary.

Where it's not correct to reduplicate is when the quantity is mentioned, like this :
dua buku-buku <==that is incorrect.
sepuluh buku-buku <==that is incorrect.


is the audio all messed up or is their some special pronunciation going on here?


Sounds fine to me (May 2021)


I added the word UP - You fill UP your house with books. And it was marked wrong!!


So report it-you're correct


You fill UP your house with books - this is marked wrong! it is sometimes frustrating that correct English is marked wrong..... the system should ignore small transgressions in English because my purpose is to learn bahasa....thank you


I said home instead of house and marked wrong. BS..Y


I said house instead of home and got marked wrong which is Bulls...t

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