"Ada berapa negara di Benua Amerika?"

Translation:How many countries are there on the American continent?

January 24, 2019

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'There are how many countries on the American continent?' should be valid as well


I think you should put "how many" first, then "are there" for the grammar


What do Indonesians mean by "Benua Amerika"? Which continent is that?

In my mind (and perhaps many others as well), there are two American continents--North America and South America.

Ah, according to Indonesian Wikipedia, it's the name for both continents together. https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benua_Amerika. Perhaps it's analogous to what Europeans once called the "New World."


Yes, we call them one continent


If that's the case, then to translate that into American English, one would need to say, "How many countries are there in North and South America?" because in the U.S., they are definitely considered two different continents.

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