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  5. I got my owl


I got my owl

Yup, me, believe it or not, finally made it to the bottom of the tree. I'll still be working to get them all to level 5 but it is so nice to have gotten to the bottom. I never thought I would :)

January 24, 2019



Good job! I'm gonna assume it's the Irish owl, am I correct?


Yes, that is why I put this on the Irish board, lol.


good lord, that's a lot of courses you're doing


I definitely thought you meant your Hogwarts owl and was going to be very excited for you, haha.


You receive your owl when you finish the whole language tree, correct? BTW, good job!


You don't have to get them all to level 5 just have to get to the bottom of the tree. Some of mine are on 5 but the last few are just on 1.


i have them all on flash cards at quizlet.com


Comhghairdeachas leat becky 3086. Mait a cailin thu. Bail ó Dhia ar do obair. Is mise le meas mor: Liam.


Yeah, other than the first line, that went right into google translate so I could know what you said there. ...just when you think you are getting good at this....lol

[deactivated user]

    Great News! Are you going to stick around and do the new tree when they come out with it later this year?


    Oh definitely. I will still be getting them all to level 5.


    Good for you! I can't wait until the new tree either. Until then, I'll be building up my knowledge.


    I haven't heard about the new tree coming this year! That's good news! Hopefully they'll have fixed some problems with spelling and grammar that I've already run into at level 9 Irish.


    Shows how much attention I pay, I had no idea there was gonna be another tree! I just finished this one myself (most skills still at level 1 or 2, but I'm working on them).


    Congratulations - an Owl in Irish! (I'm an Irish-American who has tried Irish and found it quite challenging! I have Owls in French and German, but it would be really tough for me to get one in Irish!). Great job - be proud of yourself! Slainte!


    I have been at it a really long time and really haven't felt that I was improving until lately. I took the FutureLearn courses and have really been studying my books every day, plus reading and watching tg4.


    i have been copying all of the exercises to an online flashcard website. i just copy and paste to get through the tree quickly. its not cheating it's all about repetition. the flashcards are very handy to review the material also, making the flashcards is practice in itself, reading, spelling and pronunciation.


    Maith thú! This is very good news, you stuck it out!


    Awesome. Good job.


    Comghairdeas a cara!


    Comhghairdeas Beckie ! Maith thú!


    Comhghairdeas! I've seen you in some of the comments for certain problems. I can't wait to achieve the Irish Owl. Good luck on your other languages Becky! :)


    Great work, Becky! I just lit my Irish owl as well, so I know how much you put into it, and how much we both have left to do. Enjoy the journey!


    Try the futurelearn courses. I am enjoying those as well but it is a lot of studying.

    [deactivated user]

      I singed up for that course. It really is great, but I had to sign up for the 107 one because they apparently only make one available at a time, so that you cannot start at the beginning? They are great, though. Thanks for the recommendation.


      I bpoll sa talamh a bhi cónai ar hobad. Nior pholl gránna, salach, fliuch é, lan le péstieanna strócicthe agus le boladh láibe. Nior pholl tirim, lom, gainmheach a bhi ann ach an oireaad, gan aon rud ann le n-ithe ná le sui sios air; poll hobaid ab ea é agus is ionann sin agus compord.

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