"Raj does not eat in the afternoon."

Translation:राज दोपहर में नहीं खाता है।

January 24, 2019



For 'Aamir does not study in the morning' I was marked incorrect for writing 'subah mein'. For 'Raj does not eat in the afternoon' I was marked incorrect for leaving off 'mein' and just writing 'dopahar'. Languages are mean.

January 24, 2019


I missed out hai and it was marked as incorrect. I thought when the sentence is negative you can miss out the hai. Can anyone help? Thx

March 22, 2019


I have the same question. Sometimes in negation है is left out. Is there any rule for it. Also, sometimes the verb comes before नहीं and sometimes, as here, after.

June 24, 2019


why में instead of को? In a similar example को was used

May 28, 2019
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