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  5. "Zokla gerpe ipradas?"

"Zokla gerpe ipradas?"

Translation:Is the wolf eating the piece of fruit?

January 24, 2019



Why is "is the wolf eating fruit" not accepted?


I think in this case 'fruit' without 'the' would be plural, but 'gerpe' is singular (accusative)

You're sentence would be with gerpī


That makes sense. Thank you!


It is not like that: "fruit" in the strict meaning is an abstract noun, not plural. If you say instead "Is the wolf eating the fruit?" for example, it is still not contemplated among the answers, but according to the course itself it should be. Gerpe = fruit / a fruit / the fruit / a piece of fruit / the piece of fruit. All singular, all correct.


I typed "Does the wolf eat fruit?" As if I was asking a biological question, but it was unaccepted.

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