"Mereka bermain-main di pantai."

Translation:They play around at the beach.

January 24, 2019



There is no "di sekitar" so it shouldn't have "around".

January 24, 2019


bermain-main = to play around
di pantai = at/on the beach

bermain-main di pantai = to play around at/on the beach

di sekitar pantai = around the beach
sekitar = sekeliling

bermain-main di sekitar pantai = to play around around the beach

January 24, 2019


'play around' has a sexual connotation in the beach. So does main-main sometimes but I would say it's less than play-around. I think just 'they play on the beach' should be accepted.

February 16, 2019


It can have a sexual connotation, but far from always. I wouldn't hesitate to say that children, dogs etc are playing around

March 29, 2019


In my opinion "play around" is perfectly acceptable, and was the first translation my mind went to.

March 29, 2019
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