"Aia ka lua ma ka hopena o ka holoē."

Translation:The bathroom is at the end of the hallway.

January 24, 2019

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lua literally means pit - the proper way to say bathroom in these modern times is ka lumi ho'opau pilikia " the room to get rid of your problem"


Maybe among some. The Hawaiians I’ve talked to said it would commonly be “lua.” My understanding is, yeah, luma hoʻopau pilikia does mean bathroom, but it’s kind of long at the least for use in normal conversation. (I’d be happy to be corrected though.) No, you don’t actually use a hole in the ground, but every common term for that facility in every language I know is a circumlocution or euphemism anyway.


I wonder where the bathroom is located.


There is a toilet at the end of the hallway. Why is this wrong e ‘olu’olu?

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