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"Abbiamo una scatola di biscotti."

Translation:We have a box of cookies.

May 19, 2014



We have a biscuit tin anyone? In England we keep biscuits in a tin. How do you say we have a biscuit tin if not this?


Biscuits? In a tin? Any container that APPEARS to have biscuits obviously contains sewing supplies in England.


You may be Lvl 25 Italian but you clearly have a limited concept of banter


In Brazil, any container in the freezer that APPEARS to have ice cream will obviously contain frozen beans.


I would suppose it's because "a biscuit tin" is not the same as "a tin of biscuits". A biscuit tin could be empty, whilst a tin of biscuits contains biscuits.


In Britain, we'd normally buy biscuits in a 'packet' or 'box', and store them in a (metal) 'biscuit tin' or a (glass) 'jar'. Correct me and Walmart if wrong, but the common equivalent terms in the US seem to be to buy in a 'pack' and store in a 'cookie jar'.

I notice that Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies are sold in the US in a classic British-style biscuit tin. What would you call it in the US? And in Canada?


Yes, in Britain we'd buy biscuits in a packet; they could also be bought in a box, or a tin. My comment was in response to "igfs's" comment, and to point out the difference between "biscuit tin" and "tin of biscuits. In this case the sentence is about "a box of biscuits" and not "a biscuit box". I have no idea what the Americans or Canadians would call it.



You are right! Thanks.


In America, they have a tin of meat. Scatola translates into tin for that example. Why it's not an acceptable alternative....

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Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.


the dictionary says: tin - so it should be correct


My dictionary says tin too. And biscuits are normally kept in a tin. Unless you just leave them in the packet.


I am sure this is a well-worn groove but in UK we eat biscuits not 'cookies' which is an American usage. Both are give by Ragazzini as an appropriate translation of biscotti into English. Duolingo please note!


Duo has always accepted "biscuits" for biscotti, even though - as a US website - it translates the other way to "cookies".

That's not in question here. The problem is with scatola = box, case, tin, or can - depending on context; Italian pocket dictionaries seem to prefer 'tin'. In the biscuit context, Duo should certainly accept both box and tin.


la vita e come una scatola di ciocolatti.


So, biscotti can be biscuits (England) or cookies (US?)


what is wrong with : a box with cookies or a boxful cookies ?


We don't say either of them. Maybe "A box with cookies" could be the title of a still life painting :-) A 'boxful of something' refers to the quantity of items in the container.


Why is : we have a cookie box not correct ?


I agree with you "A cookies' box" is possible.


Shortly, in England, everyone's grandparents will be inundated by tins of biscuits donated by their loving but unadventurous grandchildren. This is my case for "tin"


Diction! She says "addiamo" not "abbiamo"....unless we should prnounce our b's as d's?


outrageous that translating 'biscotti' as 'biscuits' is marked wrong!.


Any reason "carton" is marked as incorrect? 10/14/19


I put biscuits, as it has been accepting biscuits, and got marked wrong. The English have biscuits not cookies.


SO annoying, both the American bias in vocabulary and the inconsistency. I sympathise.


oh, joy! it's the girl scouts


Why not "dei biscotti". And I want my cookies in a titanium case please. ;)


i wrote: We have a box with cookies. Wrong. Should have been of cookies. Hm


What's with this emphasis on Americanisms? Scatola means 'tin' - as in 'tin of tomatoes' and, in Britain, buscuits are often sold in tins, so 'A tin of biscuits' is a perfectly acceptable answer. Or is Duolingo being deliberately racist?

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