"Have you read them?"

अनुवाद:क्या आपने उन्हें पढ़ा है?

May 19, 2014

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Have u read them


'Have u read them' is text language and is used just to make it faster and easier while typing. But on such a platform, it wouldn't make sense to teach people or to accept text language, because people are learning proper 'English' here and not text language. So you have to use 'you'.


What is this sentence supposed to mean! Are we aksing a psychologist whether they have read certain people? Sounds far fetched to me.


The use of "them" doesn't necessarily refer to a set of people, it more likely refers to a thing already mentioned In a previous sentence. For example "I have read all the Harry Potter books. Have you read them?". Here "them" means the Harry Potter books.


Great explanation! And here I was, confused with the pronouns, believing "them" could only refer to people! Cheers mate.


No problem! You might find this Wikipedia link useful - it goes into a lot of detail about all English pronouns and their usage :)

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