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"Seven fragrant lei"

Translation:ʻEhiku lei ʻaʻala

January 25, 2019



Starting to sound like the 12 days of CHristmas



Leis are usually made from Plumeria blossoms, Pikake blossoms, Orchid blossoms or Maile leaves. Ancient Hawaiians made leis out of bones, teeth, sticks and kukui nuts. The Kukui nut lei was only worn by Aliʻi (royalty). In the Polynesian culture a lei is created by somebody and given to another person to honor or decorate that person, or as a sign of affection. Leis were also given as a greeting or a farewell. They were and still are given for friendship, appreciation, love, congratulations or for recognition.

Link: https://www.discover-oahu.com/History-of-the-Hawaiian-Lei.html

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