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  5. "Mas eu preciso voltar."

"Mas eu preciso voltar."

Translation:But I have to return.

May 19, 2014



So the official translation is "I have to return". But, literally it is "I need to return" and my Brazilian friends have always been adamant with me that "preciso" is "need" and "ter que" is "have to" and that these are not the same.


@MarkNolan I agree fully with you. They are different with corresponding translations. They shouldn't be mixed up.


I've heard the slow and fast recordings a dozen times each, and I hear "votar" and cannot hear "voltar" -- I though it said "but i have to vote"!


It is kinda hard because the «l» sounds like [w]; however, if it were «votar», the «o» would sound like the English "oo" or, in IPA, [u], a completely different vowel sound. Good luck! :D


I don't know if the Google generated voice is correct, but comparing it to this lesson, the word definately sounds like "votar".



I do hear a difference between the two; the «ol» in «voltar» sounds like the English "Oh!" while «votar» does not have this diphthong. I would not recommend Google Translate, though, since their robot voices are not always clear. forvo.com, on the other hand, is great because it has native recordings from diverse regions.



Admittedly, it is difficult to hear the difference between the two for Portuguese learners. In European Portuguese, the distinction is clearer as the «o» in «votar» is pronounced like English "oo," and the one in «voltar» like the "aw" in American English "law."


Further on in the V-imperitivos section, I entered return for voltar but it was deemed to be wrong and DL was looking for "to go back"


That's why we need to report! Hope they are yet looking at these reports! =)


They do see them, as I had an email from Ker saying they'd altered a question based on my suggestion. This is only one email though, and I've reported dozens and dozens of times; not all of my suggestions may be right of course.


Yes, I had many of them in the past but it no longer happens.. maybe they are not so active as before! =/


"To return" was accepted for "voltar" today ( 07/01/2019)


basic question of pronunciation: The speaker says "mas" like "maiz" (like the English word "mice"). Google translate says "mahs" like the Spanish "mas". Is this a regional thing?


It might be. I am not too familiar with the different regional pronunciations in Brazil, although I have heard the "maiis" pronunciation more often. In European Portuguese, it is pronounced more like "muhhsh."


the word "mas" in Portuguese means contradiction. already the word "mais", means adding or add. i'm brazilian


I think that, "Nevertheless, I need to return." should be accepted, or is there a better way to say it?


"Nevertheless" is «mesmo assim», «porém», «contudo», «não obstante», «apesar disso», etc., but «mas» is "but." :)


The audio for "mas" sounds like "mais". Is this an alternate pronunciation and is it common?


Yes, I think almost all over Brazil, the pronunciation for "mas" and "mais" are the same.


I used I need. I think it should be , at the list ,be an altrernate translation!

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