"the women"

Translation:nā wāhine

January 25, 2019



in a previous lesson, i picked wahine with a kahako (sorry I don't have the Hawaiian accent options) and it said that wahine with a kahako was incorrect. This one, with kahako is correct. Is it because wahine is plural?

January 25, 2019


"Nä" means "the" but is plural. So, "Nä wähine" is plural. Notice the kahakö in wähine. "Ka wahine," both the article and the subject are singular and without kahakö.

January 26, 2019


This language is hard

May 14, 2019


So I accedentally left the space out between nā and wāhine (making it nāwāhine) and got it right with no corrections. I tested it with nākeiki which I also got right. Is this a glitch with Duo or is this an accurate way to write Hawai'ian?

April 6, 2019


The Duolingo software might be lenient enough to accept those as typos, but they are actually two separate words and are written with a space between them (except when used as part of a name).

April 30, 2019
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