"The juice is cold."

Translation:Huʻihuʻi ka wai hua ʻai.

January 25, 2019

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    DL didnʻt accept anuanu for cold. Any ideas why not?


    I was wondering as well what the difference is between anuanu and huʻihuʻi.


    Rather annoying that not only is there no indication of anuanu vs hu'ihu'i, the "dictionary" link for Duo doesn't even have a translation of hu'ihu'i (https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/hw). Nor does wehewehe.org. Manomano.io does at least, but quashed my theory that "anuanu" is for weather-type cold and hu'ihu'i is for other (??) cold when it had an example of "kuʻina huʻihuʻi cold front, as of weather." So I guess we wait for someone who knows to help.


    According to "Rabelon" in the thread for "This is cold beer."

    Quote: Great question, even if the forum is overly critical. They both mean "cold." But hu'ihu'i is "ice cold."

    So now I'll remember the difference thinking about the rock band Foreigner and the song - Hu'ihu'i As Ice ;)


    The link below is an interesting (and cordial) conversation that I had with Hokulani Cleeland. We talked about the difference in interpretation between anuanu and huʻihuʻi. I really look forward to visiting Kauaʻi some day to meet him. What an impact he has made in helping to save ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi from near extinction.


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    I did try to use anuanu as well.

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