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  5. "This is cold water."

"This is cold water."

Translation:He wai huʻihuʻi kēia.

January 25, 2019



This is a typical "class inclusion sentence" which tells which class of things a subject belongs to. The main part of the sentence often starts out with "He" a/an, and the subject is often at the end of the main phrase. This pattern does not contain a verb. Source: "Ka Lei Kaʻaheo: Beginning Hawaiian" by Alberta Pualani Hopkins.

Edit: aside from that, can someone explain why "anuanu" doesnʻt work for "cold" here?


I came here for the same question: why does "anuanu" not work?


Why is anuanu not accepted for cold? I can see refrigerated or ice water using hu'ihu'i, but what if I am talking about cold water in a stream bed?

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