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Please / Vær så snill Usage

I haven't gotten far in the norwegian course but I have come across Vær så snill. My friend who is norwegian said people dont use this as please like it says on duolingo and that she uses it mainly when she really needs / wants something. Just wondering if anyone fluent in norwegian has a say?

January 25, 2019



Yeah, she is right, I would say. In some situation where you would put "please" at the end of the sentence, I would probably use "takk"(thanks) at the end, like "En kaffe, takk" would work like "a coffee, please" if you are asking for a coffee at a store.


Norwegians also tag "er du snill" on the end of sentences as well, don't they?


Vennligst is also a good substitute. I finished (and passed) level 1 in school and my teacher also didn’t teach me this phrase. So I assume this is probably not used in daily conversation.


Don't use vennligst. It's got a certain formal force behind it that to say it to someone would possibly be impolite. The only usage of it tends to be on signs(vennligst vent på noe).


I'm a native Norwegian. Your friend is correct. In English, you can tag a "please" onto almost anything, and it will make you sound more polite. Not so in Norwegian, overusing "vær så snill" will NOT make you sound polite, it will make you sound like a beggar or like an impatient child. Be very careful about when you're using the expression "vær så snill". If unsure, leave it out. I almost never use it.

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