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I am really enjoying Indonesian

Yes, I took a week break from using duolingo with spanish and began to focus on my Indonesian. I am really enjoying the course and the language. The grammar is not difficult although it is different, the spelling is not bad, and I am liking how many useful words the course teaches you. Yes, I am enjoying myself.

How about you? What is your opinion?

January 25, 2019



Last thing I wanted to say about Indonesian is that I love how "makan" is "makan" if you put dia, kamu, saya, or any other word in front it stays "makan" unlike spanish and so many other languages the ending doesn't change, its just makan


I'm finding it a lot of fun as well. In the past I've studied French, Russian, German, and Hindi. I don't know if it's the language itself or the way Duolingo teaches it, but it's really sticking well in my brain. And now I want a t-shirt that says "I want an orange, I eat an orange"


![T-shirt for you]https://imgur.com/a/ljmZP7D

I don't know how to make this image visible in this post (I just don't understand the formatting guide).
So, you'll have to click to see this t-shirt.

Homemade...one-of-a-kind...truly unique... wkwkwkwkwkwk


Haha That's awesome! Hmmm, I don't really know how to say "good" yet.


To say good in Indonesian would be "baik which also means fine.


Good except there was a translation about a sleeping banana


@Arthxrr, yeah, there is always some strange translations


pisang yang tidur? Dia bodoh akan dimakan cepat, itu yakin!


One thing I love about Indonesian is it isn't super confusing, yes there are complexities, but its not like Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. It is relatively easy


Itu karna indo pake huruf latin. Bahasa yang pake huruf lain dan aneh itu susah sekali.


Glad you like the course! I think the tree structure is already great as well, although of course some sentences need improvement. I'd rate it 92/100


I swear there was a sentence the other day that translated as "The banana is sleeping!"


That is a sentence in the course, kinda funny tbh.


Ayu pisang itu!


Iya, tu satu!! Sngt bgus..!!


Yea its a great language the course is great.


Oh my goodness, isn't it just! It's such an easy language.

I mean it's still strange & i need to focus. But when i'm done bashing my head on Mandarin it's such a relief to switch to this. It uses latin script.

It sounds exotic & at the same time familiar to me. Because The Netherlands colonised Oost-Indië, i know some words already. There is quite a large minority here. So for me this language is not only relevant for travel, but history as well.

I absolutely love it.


I'm also surprised to know more Indonesian words that are actually Dutch loans every single day. This makes things easier for both of us!


I agree! And I appreciate these forums--I haven't met too many non-duolingers who appreciate switching languages as relief from other languages...


En ik heb niet veel mede-Nederlandssprekenden ontmoet die net als mij graag talen leren in hun vrije tijd, waaronder Indonesisch, en ook fan zijn van Miyamoto Musashi!


It's a refreshing break from Spanish! I too am enjoying Indonesian.


Yes I'm really enjoying the course but the real test will be to see if I can speak & understand it when I go next time to Indonesia. Hope so! :)


As a native, the course is definitely luar biasa! It's well done with only 69 skills, with okay explanations to beginners (both at tips and notes, and the discussion forum).

There's room for improvement but it is amazing to see how good it is - and it's still in beta. For all of you who learns Indonesian, selamat berjuang!


The english translations are not good in many places. I am not certain on the indo side but it doesn't give much confidence. The vocab is too limited and excersizes too easy.

Let me correct your english.

For all of you who learns Indonesian

should be

For all of you learning Indonesian.


For all you learning Indonesian


For all of you who are learning Indonesian

Tense is a hard thing for Indonesians! Please don't take offence. Aku harap dibetulkan juga. Selemat harinya.


I'm absolutely loving it so far. What I love about the sound of Indonesian is how it reminds me of Sanskrit or some other ancient Indo-Aryan language like Pali. Not sure why, but it gives off those majestic ancient language vibes to me, and I can't get enough of it! Also, it's absolutely fascinating to research Indonesia's geography, history, etc. I look forward to studying it more.

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