"Siapa yang suka seledri?"

Translation:Who likes celery?

January 26, 2019

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I just got marked wrong for saying 'who likes celery'. It told me it should say who likes celeries which is not correct English.


I did the same. I have never heard of celeries.


Why do you need to add yang? Can't it just be siapa suka seledri?

[deactivated user]

    yang in this context adds emphasis onto siapa. It would be similar to stressing "who" when expressing that no one likes something.


    Recently was marked wrong for not including "which is" or something, because of 'yang' in the sentence, but for this sentence the yang does NOT count?


    I am a native English speaker and I have never used "celeries". I looked it up in my Webster's English Dictionary and celeries is the plural of celery but there is no indication in this sentence that there is more than one celery. I too was maked wrong with my answer, "Who likes celery?" Please add "Who likes celery?" as a correct and most likely answer as it is the common use here.


    program told me I needed to say 'a celery' :,D


    I agree with all the comments above, in the English there is no such word as 'celeries'.


    In common use English I agree but in the Dictionary celeries is the plural of celery. So you might say "I found a variety of celeries in the grocery store." But in the contect of the sentence "Who likes celery." it would not be celeries it would be celery.

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