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Tree 2.0 UPDATE! :]

2019 January 26 UPDATE:


Here is an overview of the new version of the Japanese course, which is likely to change slightly as the course approaches beta:

  • Total Skills: 75, up from 40
  • Total Kanji: ~950, up from ~100
  • Target JLPT level: N4, up from N5
  • Total Vocabulary Words: ~2,000, up from ~1,000

TENTATIVE TIMELINE (>subject to change<<): We plan to lock the tree on or around February 28. The new tree will enter beta only for new users (people brand-new to Duolingo) sometime in March. If all goes according to plan, 50% of you (existing users) will be able to test the new tree sometime in the spring. If the tree's metrics look positive (and users keep coming back to learn!) this means the A/B test will be successful, and all users will get the new tree sometime around summer.

Here's a quick overview of what the new skill setup looks like, at the very end of the tree. Most of the previous skills have remained in place.



Thanks for keeping the faith!


January 26, 2019



Will there also be more tips and notes along with this? Or perhaps more detail added to the older ones?


Both! The more advanced grammar necessitates it!


Thank you for all the hard work you put into expanding the course. A question I would like to ask is, will the Tips and Notes be ported to the iOS and Android apps like for the Chinese, French, and Spanish courses?


We have zero information about that. Hopefully!


Awesome! Thanks for continuing to keep us in the loop about the ongoing development of the course. Thanks also to the three new contributors. You guys must be working very hard to be aiming to achieve these targets you've set forth. ^^

I had some serious real life stuff going on around the time of the Tree 2.0 alpha testing announcement post and don't think I actually got around to applying. Have the alpha testers been chosen and are they now already testing the new tree?

I'm very happy to hear that we're going to jump from 103(?) to ~800 kanji! On the other hand, I'm guessing this means the course is going to have an additional 700 tedious character matching exercises... gah... XD

I'll probably miss the challenge of trying to make heads or tails of full hiragana sentences. But at least having more kanji should make it much easier to read sentences quickly in timed practice. :P


We've already had our alpha testers for quite some time (since not long after that post was made) and they've been providing feedback on the course.


Cool. That's good to know. Thank you. ^^


Will there be more focus on grammar?


Yes, but mixed in well with vocabulary. Our aim is to make the grammar feel seamless and not bore people with endless drilling.


I think the jlpt level N5->N4 indicates that pretty much all basic grammar (CEFR A2, A1 comparably) is in. =) of course I am not sure.


Amazing, summer can't come soon enough. Thanks for all the hard work!


You wanna say that course will expand almost twifold (and eightfold in kanjies)? Wow. Just... wow. When I heard about the Tree 2.0, I expected you will add 20% or something like. That's a real present. I wish you good luck. Keep up with this thing, you're doing really good job!


"There are no plans yet for a Tree 2.0, but we'll be sure to make an announcement if those plans do emerge. Right now, Tree 1.0 is our number one priority. We appreciate your support!" - 9 months ago

Please share your progress also in the incubator, not only in the forums. Thank you for all the hard work!


Thank you very much for all this hard work! It's amazing how much Kanji we will get from this update, it's a great improvement to the learning experience.

Glad to see posts like this on the site. Looking forward to it.

[deactivated user]




    also have a lingot for your fine choice of animes


    Have a lingot for your fine choice in video games!


    wow great... but... summer? T-T can't wait.

    hey! If I omit my Japanese course and start it all over again, will I be considered a new user and be able to try the new tree?



    Quote: If I omit my Japanese course and start it all over again, will I be considered a new user and be able to try the new tree?

    No, don't do that!
    A language RESET won't change your A/B test groups, which are fixed on your account.
    You would have to start your old course again.

    You had already added the Japanese course before, therefore your current user account is locked to the A/B experiment variables in your "extended user profile".

    However, you can use the private browsing feature (no activity tracking) and catch the new tree when it is rolled out.

    Once you got it as a new user on the web portal (no cookie present, Duolingo does not know your browser session yet) or your account had never added the JP language course before you start the first lesson or placement test and after that you can register a NEW user account on Duolingo to continue to work on it.

    I described the process in more detail in the French forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29069435$comment_id=29810695


    if you want it, you are going to have to create a new account


    I hope I can become an alpha tester. I want to continue with the Japanese tree but it's currently all golden.


    Awesome! Keep up the good work, Luke and company. :-)


    Wow so much content. Amazing. =) Thank you for your hard work and for keeping us informed time to time.


    N5 and N4 grammar/jlpt plus 1800 vocabulary and 800 kanji sounds so great! I can’t wait!


    This is great, I assume you mean Spring/Summer in the Northern Hemisphere? Users on this site are from both Southern and Northern Hemispheres so using seasons as a time measurement is not a good idea.

    [deactivated user]

      Are you going to let people know when it comes out in Beta for new users?

      [deactivated user]

        Is it out in Beta for new users yet?

        [deactivated user]


          Nobody knows. However, Duolingo staff estimated a period when launching the japanese course and I think they can do this again. However it is already March 9 here, and my interest start to fall..


          We plan to lock the tree on or around February 28. The new tree will enter beta only for new users (people brand-new to Duolingo) sometime in March.

          If things have gone to plan, then the tree has already been locked on 28th February. And then it will be out for new users "sometime" between 1st March and 31st March.

          9th March is a bit early to be losing interest. There are still 22 more days to go in the "sometime in March" statement mentioned in the timeline plan. xD

          It's easy to check if new users have the new tree. I simply log out occasionally and click the "get started" button to start a temporary new account to take a look for myself. Only takes about 30 seconds to check and then log back in to my normal account again. ^^

          (I checked just now and the new account I made still had tree 1.0.)

          [deactivated user]

            That is what I have been doing at least five times a day.


            Many thanks for your hard work. Much appreciated.


            Very exciting! Thanks for posting this.


            This is amazing! Thank you! Especially appreciate the transparency and timeline.


            Is there any plan to add the words tab to the top in the Japanese course?


            The contributors have no say in this, but hopefully Duo's staff will eventually roll this feature out to other languages!


            Quote: Is there any plan to add the words tab to the top in the Japanese course?

            You can click on the 2nd words tab: https://www.duome.eu/A.Lias/progress

            Please also see Lica98's userscript tip which I found in this thread "Duolingo used to be so much better in the past": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/28801963$from_email=comment&comment_id=28802920


            Important note:

            For some reason A/B trees are not fully compatible with the www.duolingo.com/words list and the "Vocabulary overview API" stream.


            Wow, that duome.eu website is a gold mine!! I had discovered (as some others) recently a way to access the standard “Words” page through switching from one language to another and then back, but this is both more practical and complete, full with nice hyperlinks and associations between words and units!
            A big thank you here (and a lingot). :)


            Super excited, hoping to hit level 25 in Japanese with this tree!! ^^


            Does anyone know what happened to the subculture course and if it will be optional or not


            Oh! I don't think I'd even noticed the Subculture skill had disappeared from the course! I wonder where that skill went now.

            The "Subculture" skill came as a standard skill in the original tree ("Tree 1.0") when the Japanese course released in May 2017.

            It was still there as a standard skill in the second version of the tree, which was released in 2019. ("Tree 2.0", which is the version this discussion thread is talking about.)

            We no longer have this skill now though. The third version of the tree ("Tree 4.0") doesn't have that skill. All users are now on Tree 4.0 of the Japanese course since this version finished getting released on 7th April 2020.

            I don't know if the contents of the "Subculture" skill we had in Tree 1.0 & 2.0 was split up and moved to different skills in the tree, or if the skill is still here somewhere and just has had its name changed, or if the skill and all of its contents has been deleted completely.

            But there is no skill called "Subculture" in this current version of the tree (Tree 4.0). Skills don't get added or removed once a version of the tree is released. So a skill named "Subculture" won't be getting added back randomly on its own. The skills won't change until a new version of the tree like "Tree 5.0" comes along (if they've even started working on a new version yet or even plan to do so).


            the vocab from that skill was moved to the "Games" and "The City" skills.

            I never see vocab being deleted, just moved around. Sometimes sentences are deleted because they are unnatural, but rarely happens, most of the time are just edited to make them more natural and that's it.


            Looks great! I look forward to trying it out. The increase in kanji is much needed.


            Up by 700%! Very helpful.


            Glad to hear the course is being improved! Thank you.

            Do course creators have any control over font size? I can’t currently read Japanese text anymore without zoom windows in the apps.


            We don't control that, unfortunately :(


            Font size is determined by your device (well, for the browser version at least) You can download fonts for it by doing a bit of research online.


            Thanks for your hard work! Can't wait to try the new tree out. :)


            70 skills now? AND 800 Kanji? どうもありがとうございます!Very excited for this.


            I can’t wait to start with the new tree.

            Great work guys!


            i can't wait.......


            As someone who is about to complete the japanese tree, im very exited for this! loving the idea of aiming for N4 instead of just N5 and the 700+ kanji and the subjects seem really good too, cant wait for this 頑張って.




            I have just completed the Japanese tree after 198 days. I can't wait to get started on the new tree. I'm wondering should I do the reverse tree in the mean time? It's unlikely that I'll be able to complete the reverse tree before the release of Tree 2.0.


            The reverse tree is a good thing. I find the reverse tree much more challenging than the forward one, because it uses many more kanji instead of hiragana, and it uses many more natural Japanese phrases than the English-> Japanese one. As well as challenging, it is rewarding, for exactly those same reasons. And it is worth experimenting with using the mobile app/mobile browser and web browser versions, to get the level of difficulty that you need for your own studies - e.g. if you want to practice writing Japanese with your keyboard, then the PC browser version is super for that.


            Oh, your comment has made me think I should go back to doing the reverse tree while we await 2.0. I checked and I am only a short way through that tree. Ganbatte ne! And Gambarimashouuuuuuuuuu.


            What is the reverse tree?


            The reverse tree is English for Japanese speakers. It will change the entire interface to Japanese, but you can always change it back. To access it, you have to add the course. On the web, go to Add new course > I speak: Japanese. On the Android app (and this is probably similar on iOS), hit the + sign under courses to add a new one > more > (American flag) 日本語から英語を学ぶ. It's a completely different experience, so you'll learn different things from each tree. The main drawback for Japanese learners is that there is no Japanese audio, as it's designed to teach English. But there is a lot of natural language and kanji used. I've gone through it a little and really like it, but I'm super excited for tree 2.0, especially as I think hearing the audio is crucial.


            Thank you so much for all the hard work, and for this clear explanation of what the new material will look like and rough timeline. It is so exciting that Tree 2.0 will be out this year. And its quite motivating too, for us learners! Knowing that 2.0 is on its way, I am resolved to study some more before it comes out, and e.g. try to go up one level on Tree 1.0. Thank you for all the hard work developing this great resource!



            I was in Japan in the days of ゲゲゲの鬼太郎. It will be a treat to get my Japanese up to speed again. I did the existing limited tree earlier this year.


            February 28 is in 2 days. Just wondering if we’ll get an update soon if the tree is/will be locked by then, and if there’s already a specific date in March set for the beginning of the beta testing for new users?


            へー!I just noticed there will be 2000 words, 950 kanji and 75 skills. That’s 200 words, 150 kanji and (if I remember correctly) 5 more skills than what was originally planned for this update and if it wasn’t a huge update back then already, just wow. すごい!Thank you so much for creating this course! I’m so excited and happy to be able to practice so much more Japanese soon.


            also more detailed notes pages cause those would be super useful


            Thank God. The course was in dire need of an overhaul, especially in regards to kanji.


            Wow! 800 kanji. I was expecting 400. That's great news!


            When you need about 2,000 kanji to read a newspaper article, learning 100 kanji just doesn't cut it ;)


            True. The good news is that you need only about 881 or so kanji to get to the end of grade school level, so learning 800 should mean we're in pretty good shape for a lot of contexts... (I think)


            I'm proud of the kanji level of the new course. I think it goes a long way to basic competency.


            1,000 kanji are enough !!!


            Great news, and it sounds like a lot of work. お疲れ様でしたー。wouldn’t it be helpful though to have some more advanced users testing that tree? They are more likely to find mistakes...


            That's not our choice, I'm afraid!


            Fantastic! As someone who had already learnt N5 Japanese, and was working on N3, I was using Duolingo mostly to go over things. To refresh my knowledge and such, but with this news, I'm hoping that I'll be able to refresh my knowledge on a wider variety of information and continue to practice my grammar.

            Thanks for your hard work, it's very appreciated!


            Looking forward to it. Currently at crown level 95 with 131 days. I'll admit to being slightly confused. I see exactly 40 skill nodes right now, not 42.

            Whenever its up, I should be about ready to begin dipping into the new skills.





            Please may they also introduce the plain form of japanese


            The second half of the tree begins introducing plain form in default sentences. However, plain form should already be acceptable for write-in sentences of your own creation (not using the multiple choice cards). If you find a question that doesn't accept a plain form answer, please report it!


            does this mean their gonna take away my trophy ;-;


            Yes, but you'll get it back in due time!


            Will there be more streamlined learning in the future?

            What I mean is for the new words not to be thrust at the learner every new skill, but rather through levels we steadily learn the same words used in different situations alongside the new words.

            You can only assume so much when a new word is shoved into your face.


            Do we loose Crowns / Completed Lessons?


            Most likely, yes, because we are adding kanji for words that previously didn't use kanji in the first version of the tree. However, if you're already familiar with the kanji, you should easily be able to test out of those lessons!


            How cool! Didn’t know the tree 1.0 sentences were/will be modified as well to include more kanji.


            Wow, this looks awesome! A quick question, though, because I really want to be able to participate in this, as I'm slowly nearing completion on the current course: what is the metric you're using for deciding who's a part of the 50%? Or will it just be random? Also, thank you for this, this is way more new stuff than I was expecting!


            We're not in charge of who is selected into which group. AFAIK, Duo randomly assigns people to groups.


            You will (if it goes well) let the old users try the new Japanese tree. So when summer comes, should we change anything in out setting in order to get the new tree or it will just start automatically? (sorry if it is a basic question and if every one just already know how it works)


            You don't need to change any settings. When Duolingo staff chooses to roll out the tree to existing users, your tree will be switched over to the new tree automatically.


            great, thanks


            Yep, spring hype. Let's hope we get it before summer then


            Looks great. One question though...

            The current Japanese course gets really tedious towards the end, with LOOOONG sentences that cause every lesson to take what seems like forever to go through. Will the sentences get shorter, so the lessons will take a more reasonable time.

            That was the case in French as it moved to the current version, and I much appreciated it as I went through the course again to earn back my owl. I was able to get a lot more out of it too, and not just because there was more to learn.

            When the sentences got too long, it stopped being fun and I lost any motivation to actually try to remember anything.

            I just slogged through in suffering to get done with it - and didn't ever want to see anything in French again. That seemed counterproductive to me. After all, the point was to learn and use the language.


            I don't intend to be mean when I say this, and I say it as a fellow Duolingo learner and user, not in my capacity as a contributor - but if you are having trouble with longer sentences, that would most likely indicate to me that your knowledge level isn't high enough and you should practice some easier skills more thoroughly before trying to tackle the more advanced skills.

            The same thing happened to me with the Russian tree, which I recently finished. Some of the skills late in the tree have long, difficult sentences (which I had a very hard time translating). I would get frustrated and it would be difficult to motivate myself to continue learning. However, I've found that when that happens, going back to level up easier skills will both keep me practicing the language and help me regain my confidence in my ability in the language. Then, I'd go back to higher level skills, and the ones that had once been very difficult to me began to seem easier because my foundation was better. That's personally what I would recommend to you, because I think a lot of people would be unhappy if we only taught short, simple sentences.

            As to long sentences generally: since the Tree 2.0 will be adding a lot more kanji, it should be easier to read the long sentences, since they will no longer contain ridiculously long strings of hiragana. I feel everyone's pain on that, having played so many generations of Pokemon games that only used hiragana until they finally made kanji an option a few years back. Reading long strings of hiragana is frustrating!!


            Is the pronunciation and intonation of the course's audio going to be reviewed at all? I keep encountering errors, and having to constantly use other sources to check if the audio is correct is discouraging me from learning any language using the app.


            How do i sign up for the beta?


            Hi TJLast, you can not sign up for the beta. It will be only available for new users, user accounts that are registered after the beta begins sometime next month. Then, 50% of the existing users will get the beta in an A/B test sometime during the spring. Sometime in the summer, the beta/new course will be rolled out to the rest of the duolingo users.

            That said, I’m definitely making an alternative account to practice with the beta from the get go. So it’s possible to get the beta that way.


            You mentioned that the beta version would be available for new users... I just started using Duolingo 5 days ago and I didn't see those categories... Is it only for a few new users? I'm not sure I understood.


            It is not available yet. And now you are considered an old user


            if i had any recommendations for the future tree i'd say that there should be put more of a focus on kanji instead of 50% of time being hiragana and 50% being kanji, and there being a subsection on the tree focusing on kanji radicals just to help the process of learning kanji and learning how they're related


            "The new tree will enter beta only for new users (people brand-new to Duolingo) sometime in March. "

            I signed up like 2 days ago, how come I don't have the new tree =(


            I still waiting for it...


            Duolingo should teach stroke order for kanji.


            Hey, If is of any help, I have been using an app call "Kanji Study" to supply that need. It helped me a lot. And another thing that people use, and I started this month is the "Remember The kanji Vol.1" book. I strongly recommend. Good Studies. 頑張って。


            It could, but there are so many apps for that. I don't think the Duolingo coding team is that big, and they have plenty to do.


            I agree, but this is something beyond the control of us contributors. Maybe if the Duolingo HQ people are listening, they can help out...


            Is there any information what Duo HQ would consider for their updates that would benefit the languages without the roman script? Like the stroke order, or furigana.


            or at least link to useful articles such as this or good apps like this


            Am I considered a new user if I'm here in Duolingo for about 5 months?


            No, unfortunately. :( A new user is someone who joins Duolingo after the tree is launched into beta (post-February).


            :( Oh.... But I hope you will choose more experienced people as alpha tester/beta tester. Not someone like me who has finished halfway through the course. And thanks for your reply. ^_^


            If we've never started this course on Duolingo, then if we were to start this course for the first time, would we then be classed as a brand new user of this course?

            I originally only made this testmoogle account to be on the safe side during the alpha phase of this course, since I didn't own any iOS devices to be an official alpha tester and was instead doing the course on web. :P

            My main account is three or four years old. I've only used it for the reverse tree (which was in beta when I joined Duolingo) and have never started this course on it. March sounds like a great time to finally swap back over to my main account, if this would work. ^_^


            AFAIK, "new users" are only people who join Duolingo after the course has started beta testing. So to my understanding, you'd have to make a new account to get the new tree before it begins to be rolled out to everybody.


            Aww. I had a feeling my idea would be flawed. XD

            I guess it's more likely it will be the way you've described. I guess when the A/B test comes into being, all existing users will probably be put into the unlucky A/B group in that very moment, while all new accounts after this date will begin in the good A/B group.

            I was hoping, when the A/B test comes into being, it would at that time check the user's profile for the absence/presence of the Japanese course and set the A/B group accordingly. In this scenario, newly created accounts would always end up in the good A/B group because they won't have started any courses at the point the account is created. Therefore, this should function correctly too. But I guess the former, simpler way is much more likely to be how it will work.

            I guess there's nothing to lose if I do try starting the course on my main account in March. If I don't try, I'd still have to wait just as long anyway. It will be interesting to see what happens at least.

            Thanks ehartz for giving your answer to this. ^^



            Quote: If we've never started this course on Duolingo, then if we were to start this course for the first time, would we then be classed as a brand new user of this course?

            I can confirm this as positive for French tree3 in 2018.

            I never had added it, but was on Duolingo longer for Portuguese and English courses, and when I added EN->FR as NEW course to my current profile, I was able to participate in the contributor tree3 A/B tree test.

            Many other users stayed on the stable French tree2.

            Quote: My main account is three or four years old. I've only used it for the reverse tree (which was in beta when I joined Duolingo) and have never started this course on it. March sounds like a great time to finally swap back over to my main account, if this would work

            So, yes, your chances are IMHO 50:50 for your main account if you do not do it too early :-)

            Try this first when the new JP 2.0 tree is rolled out:

            You can use the private browsing feature (no activity tracking) and catch the NEW A/B 2.0 tree when it is rolled out.

            Once you got it as a new user on the web portal (no cookie present, Duolingo does not know your browser session yet) you start the first lesson or placement test and after that checked if it is the right one tree you can register a NEW user account on Duolingo to continue to work on it.

            I described the process in more detail in the French forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29069435$comment_id=29810695

            Once you have been successful in catching the JP 2.0 A/B tree in a new "browser session" window with no activity tracking (you might have to increase the hardening level) and you are 100% sure that it is rolled out and NEW users are catching it, you can try your luck on your main account; but not before!




            I think the A/B test is randomly selected, so unfortunately we don't have any control of whether you get it when it begins to be rolled out to existing users.


            I understand. Thanks for the reply.


            Very good thank you for your job


            SO EXCITED!!! Now, I don't have to buy as much JLPT prep stuff as I thought I did. どもありがとうございます!


            About time! I look forward to the updated tree. :D


            Thanks for adding more into the course. It will give us more to learn. The categories seems interesting.


            Oh awesome, that's greaaaat! Thanks for the hard work! All this new stuff just might bring me back to Japanese again!


            This is great news and I'm so glad that you guys are working hard. Keep it up!


            Looking forwards to this!

            [deactivated user]

              Will the tree develop further in the future?


              We're focusing on Tree 2.0 for now, so I think it's a bit premature to start thinking too much about a Tree 3.0. But I'd say I hope so! But then, I hope every Duolingo language course continues to grow, improve and expand over time.

              [deactivated user]

                Thank you, ehartz!


                I can hardly wait! It seems too long yet. Thanks a lot for all your work.


                Great news! Looking forward to it.


                thx im excited


                I want to volunteer for the new tree. I passed JLPT 3 a (barely) few years ago, then stopped learning and came to refresh my knowledge but am bored half silly.


                As mentioned in other comments (and to my knowledge, as well), the new tree will likely be assigned randomly at first, so I don't believe there will be a way to volunteer for it. The contributors don't have any control over that. In the meantime, you might be a good candidate for the reverse tree. :)


                It will be cool if you include N3 too, a japanese course using up to N3 level would be great


                Afaik, N4 level is roughly 300 kanji and N3 level is only around 625 kanji. So thankfully they're not just going up a limit of N3 in terms of kanji.

                N2 level is around 1,000 kanji.

                Their ~850 kanji target for tree 2.0 is something like N2.5 already. ^^


                This is awesome! Thanks duolingo team in keeping the learning so enjoyable.


                Does "locking the tree" mean we will not be able to study the old Tree until summer?

                PS: I studied a new Skill and found intonation errors again. I cannot stress enough how important correct pronunciation is. PLEASE fix the audio in the new Tree!!


                How have you checked a new skill?


                I am sorry, the way I phrased this was indeed misleading. I meant a new Skill for ME, from the old Tree.


                I'm not a contributor, but I believe that when they "lock a tree", this means that there can be no more changes (to a new tree). It has no effect on any existing trees. :)


                Thank you for replying! Do you know if we will still be able to study from the locked Tree?


                It won't affect the existing tree or our experience as users in any way. You'll be able to use the current tree with no restrictions. The only time you will notice any change (barring any unrelated A/B testing that Duolingo does) should be when the new course rolls out to us existing users. (When it happened for Spanish, it was just there one day.) So you can continue to use the current tree without any issues. :)


                I see! Thank you for taking the time to explain!


                Looking forward to this, thanks for the hard work! ありがとう。


                Thank you for all the work that you are putting into this. As a recent Duolingo user that had already assiduously learnt some 150 kanji beforehand (which helped me a lot!), I noticed that the tree seemed somewhat short compared to others (at least the German one); I am glad that so many new kanji will be introduced, as this is a nice way to encounter them with some context. :)

                I have one question, yet: what will happen to current Japanese trees if the new one gets generalised to everyone? I mean, will there be some general reset, or will we retain our current progress? I do not know how compatible the present version of the various units is with what may come.


                Since I have very recently been presented with the new tree, I will answer for those interested: my progress has been mainly retained, except for the last two units and several words of vocabulary; my progress in previous units seems to have been rescaled according to the new content (and thus, I have been formally “downgraded” in levels). I guess the blue dot under certain past units indicates new content I now have to validate, although I am not absolutely sure. As a general opinion: I am happy that you managed not to reset everything; the situation seems quite reasonable. :)


                Concerning the course's audio: Can the contributors of a course choose the TTS (Text-to-Speech) files for the words and sentences?

                I want to help, but reporting audio issues as a User (when the Tree was still not locked) had no result.


                Is beta for new users available already, or not yet?


                In my country March is over.


                In my country, it will be over in one year and two hours.


                changes are welcome


                Thanks, Team! Will there be corrections to existing answers so that more kanji are accepted? I'm not sure how the algorithms work, but I keep getting answers marked incorrect because I've used kanji instead of hiragana ^_^;


                Are you complaining because your answers are marked incorrect for using kanji in the section where they're teaching hiragana?


                cant wait to have the new trees aaaaaaah hopefully soon! thanks for your hard work! ToT


                Good news. I'm start learing Japanese.


                Still no katakana?


                That was five months ago, and now it's summer. Can we get an update? I just finished another tree, and would love to get into Japanese again.


                I can't wait!! ^^


                my tree still 40 lessons !! why !?


                Now that’s A/B testing has been out, is it possible for people who want to beta test choose to have the new tree? I myself am hoping to get access to the tree ASAP.



                Quote: is it possible for people who want to beta test choose to have the new tree?

                You cannot directly opt-in to an A/B test.

                I myself am hoping to get access to the tree ASAP.

                You can catch new A/B trees with this method:


                After you are on the "right" tree version, you just need to have to create a new user account so you can continue working on that tree.


                Hi. I wished to ask, but has the Japanese been updated to the version described here already or not? I want to practice and learn the writing system up to N3 level for now and duolingo could help start.


                "Tree 1.0" = Original released version of the Japanese course. It had 40 skills. It was released in 2017.

                "Tree 3.0" = Second released version of the Japanese course. It had 92 skills. It was released in 2019. (It's usually always called "Tree 2.0" instead.)

                "Tree 4.0" = The third released version of the course. It has 131 skills. It was released in 2020, a few months ago. Tree 4.0 is the current version of the Japanese course. Everyone now has this version. It is basically around N3 level. ^^

                The "Tree 2.0" version mentioned in this discussion, which said it would have 75 skills, was kind of never released. We went straight from the 40 skill original tree to the 92 skill 3.0 tree. But we're now on 131 skill 4.0 tree anyway. This discussion thread is pretty old and very out-of-date now.

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