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Grammar Check

I want to write "I will go to the convenience store with my friend tommorow" I wrote 「私は明日にコンビニで友達と行けます」. Is the grammar correct?

January 26, 2019



I think it’s wrong. I would write it like this: 「明日、友達とコンビニに行きます。」, which is hopefully correct. Also, I think that 行けます means “to be able to go”. I think you should use 行きます.

January 26, 2019


From what I know this is correct. I'd personally switch に for へ (used more for specific locations) though both options are fine. You could also say 行くつもり as in "I intend to go".

January 26, 2019


Just remember, if you add つもり, you need to end the sentence with です (or another variation of the copula). It is not grammatically correct to end with つもり, since it is a noun, even though it is often translated as if it is a verb

"(I) intend to go to x."

More literal translation:
"It is (my) intention to go to X"

January 26, 2019


Don't use に for relative time expressions, such as 昨日, 今日, 明日, 来週, 来年, etc.

January 26, 2019


「で」is used for where an action takes place or to indicate what tool you’re using. Combined with「行きます」it sounds like you’re going within/at the convenience store.

January 28, 2019
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