"I put on earrings on the ear"

Translation:Ninavaa hereni sikioni

January 26, 2019

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google translate says this sentence means, "I wear a tailor ring," whatever that is. It says the word for earrings is pete. Who is right?


Swahili translations are abominable on GT. Glosbe is much better as a dictionary: it confirms that hereni = earring and pete = ring.




glosbe is an aggregator and not really a source of definitions in earnest, it has many swahili words that are incorrect because it copies them from wiktionary, then wiktionary fixes the definition but it doesn't get updated on glosbe. Oxford https://sw.oxforddictionaries.com/ , Nino Vesella http://www.swahili.it/glossword/index.php?a=term&d=8 , David Joffe's https://africanlanguages.com/swahili/ dicitonaries are the best online resources imo, plus wiktionary.


Thank you for this information. I have had trouble with GT, as the translation has varied from time to time for the same word/phrases, which understandably has lead to confusion!


Best translation would be "Mimi huvaa hereni sikioni" "Ninavaa hereni sikioni" is present continuous tense which is "I am putting on earrings on the ear".


Since put can also be past tense Nilivaa hereni sikioni should also be accepted.

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