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  5. "You read this menu."

"You read this menu."

Translation:Kamu membaca menu ini.

January 26, 2019



Why is it not, "Kamu membaca ini menu" ?


Ini menu means "This is the/a menu".
And you want to say "this menu", so it's "menu ini".

Like "my menu" is "menu saya" and "Tim's name" is "nama Tim".
The possessor or the determiner is after the noun.


No, "Anda" is both "you" and "your", as it's the case with kamu (you/your), saya (I/my), mereka (they/their), dia (she/he, her/his), etc...

Depending on the place.

As a pronoun-subject:
Anda suka anjingku: You like my dog.
Saya suka anjing Anda: I like your dog.

The only difference between "kamu" and "Anda" is that "kamu" is the normal singular you, and "Anda" is formal, like the French polite "vous", or the Spanish "usted".


Why is it not, "Anda membaca menu ini." ?


I think it can be "Anda" as well

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