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Cartoons in German: Pettersson und Findus

I found this cartoon (about 12 minutes long) delightful:


It is adapted from stories that were originally in Swedish, but as far as I am able to judge, the German text and the voice-acting are first rate. If you've read through the Stories section on Duolingo, I think you'll find the language is at about the same level – very understandable and satisfying for a learner, without being artificial in any way. And of course there are many more episodes out there.

I think this comment from YouTube says it best:

Für Peterson Und Findus wird man nie zu alt

January 26, 2019

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Hi Jacob,

a very good tipp. The stories are wonderful and good to understand. My kids loved Findus so much when they were young and still do.^^

Für Peterson Und Findus wird man nie zu alt

absolutely true!

best regards, Angel

January 27, 2019
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