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  5. "Saya berhasil."

"Saya berhasil."

Translation:I succeed.

January 26, 2019



For those who are curious about this sentence, "berhasil" literally means "have result". So "saya berhasil" means "I have result" therefore "I succeded/I did it".

[deactivated user]

    That pronounciation of ber is so quick. First time ive heard it that quick, but I do know they roll their R's.


    Pronunciation and not pronounciation


    Is it correct to say: "saya hasil"?

    • The word hasil is actually a noun, meaning result or outcome.
    • The prefix ber- is used to form verbs or adjectives from nouns or other base verbs. When combined with a noun, the prefix ber- converts the noun to a verb, meaning to have or perform the ability or property of that noun.
    • Ber- + hasil (noun) = berhasil (verb). The literal meaning meaning is 'to get/achieve the desired aim or result' or 'to succeed.'


    Can we use "I have accomplished" ? It has the same meaning as succeed. Please advise.


    I succeeded in hassling duo enough to get them to change the voice! YES!

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