Lost my streak - why!

I just lost my 150 day streak and I KNOW that I finished my (five) lessons on mobile yesterday and remember selecting my treasure chests at the end. What happened and how do I get my streak reinstated?

January 26, 2019


It is possible that you studied using the app and it did not sync with the website (so the master database was not updated).

Always check the website every day to ensure your days activity has been recognised and that it exceeds your daily target. Also, it is very useful to purchase a Streak Freeze for just such occasions.

January 26, 2019

According to Duome, you only got 10xp yesterday. What is your goal set to?

January 26, 2019

His target is 50 XP and it is available for repair.

January 26, 2019

Thanks for all the comments. I guess I thought a streak freeze only lasted one day (use or loose) and I did not see the steak loss warning until 07:00 the next morning - too late to do anything about. Also, I am not "hardcore" enough to spend $14 US to repair a streak freeze (got better things to do with my money) and I really don't want to enroll in premium. So, sucks to be me :) To me, this is one of those unfortunate (but negligible in the grand scheme of things) events that the digital world sometimes imposes on the real world. C'est la vie?! I agree with another comment I saw in these forums that it would be nice to have the mobile results stored until synchronization is reestablished (it's not like I waited until 23:50 MST to do my lessons).

P.S. psionpete - how the hell do you have enough time to study nine languages?!

January 27, 2019

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