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Difficulty levels it is really too easy

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    yesterday I started using this app to further improve my English. It has already a b2/c1 level. But I am a bit frustrated that I don't see an easy option to go to a more difficult level in the app.... Sentences with "a boy" or "he plays soccer" are way too easy for me.

    I hoped that this app was a bit more 'self learning'. But now I have to do test for every category to go to a next level, and that level is then still too easy.

    Is there a way to make this harder? So that I do really learn something new?

    Thanks in advance,


    January 26, 2019

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    The reverse language tree, the course "Dutch for English speakers" is more suitable for people who want to brush up their English grammar.


    Review Level 3: Listening
    This level introduces you to listening exercises where you hear a sentence in the language you are learning and are prompted to write it down. These exercises are designed to improve your ability to listen to the language.

    Review Level 4: Unassisted Production
    The final level focuses on teaching you to produce sentences through unassisted production exercises, in which you translate sentences from the language you're learning without the help of a word bank.
    These are the hardest exercises on Duolingo and are essential for learning to write on your own.

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      Wonderful, thank you for the quick and extended answer! I do understand the purpose of duolingo now better. But I would be really happy if later on there would be some more difficult lessons. So that you can learn really hard words and not only the simple ones for a basic conversation. It would be really great if Duolingo could really improve someones language further if they are already on a pretty high level like I am. But for me there's still enough to learn.....

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