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  5. "Maʻalili ka ʻai."

"Maʻalili ka ʻai."

Translation:The food is cooled.

January 26, 2019



Interesting that if one peeks, "ma'alili" is both "cooled" and "cool," but "The food is cool" uses the "wrong word."


DL just accepted "the food is cool" from me 3/4/19


Proper American English would dictate, the food has cooled.


Not necessarily. It would be a proper usage in some cases. For example, describing a cooking process:

Step 1) The food is heated to a temperature of 165 degrees. Step 2) The food is cooled. Step 3) The food is packaged for shipping.


If "Maʻalili ka ʻai" is "the food is cooled", how would you say "the food is cooling"?


Ke maʻalili nei ka ʻai. = The food is cooling (getting/becoming cool). Using ke...nei with stative verbs generally means "getting" or "becoming." BTW, "meaʻai" (or mea ʻai) is basically the standard word for "food" rather than just ʻai. Not sure why ʻai has been chosen by DL. If your goal is to actually begin talking to people in Hawaiian, it would be a good idea to get used to saying "meaʻai."

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