"ʻO nehinei kou lā hānau?"

Translation:Was yesterday your birthday?

January 26, 2019

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ʻO nehinei kou lā hānau? = Was yesterday your birthday?ʻ

ʻAe, ʻo nehinei koʻu lā hānau. = Yes, yesterday was my birthday.

Nā iʻoa = the names

These are typically words that are the specific name of an individual. Lani is the name of a specific individual person. Kauaʻi is the name of a specific individual place. (Nā iʻoa / The names) are easy to identify except for a few special cases such as: (ʻaneʻi / here), (ʻō / there), (hea / where?), and (wai /who?), and (nehinei / yesterday) .

nehinei = yesterday

laila = there

Hawaiʻi = Hawaii (name of a place)

hea = where

Honolulu = a city (name of a place)

Lani = name of a person

wai = who

ʻaneʻi = here

ʻō = there

He lā mālie ʻo nehinei. = Yesterday was a clear day.


Was your birthday yesterday? is also accepted.

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