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  5. "The party is today."

"The party is today."

Translation:Aia ka pāʻina i kēia lā.

January 26, 2019



I started to write the correct answer, but remembered (I thought) just in time to change it to "'O kēia lā ka pāʻina." Not "Another correct answer"?


My vertion is: 'O ka pāʻina kēia lā. Which seems right to me, but not accepted.


Shouldn't it be "pā'ani"? I can't find "pā'ina" in the Hawaiian dictionary. Mahalo.


"Pā'ina" is what they always have in the section with photos of large gatherings in Midweek. And it's in the first two dictionaries I checked, but to my surprise, as "small party with dinner"! Later when asked to translate "He pā'ina nui kēlā" to English I wrote "That is a big small dinner party!" For some reason, it was not accepted. :-)


Thank you for asking the question. I found pā'ina in the wehewehe.org dictionary listed as small dinner parties. Whew.


Curious. From what I see I am typing in the correct answer on my cellphone, but the software algorithm keeps rejecting the answer. I am using my phone, which does not have the same okina character available on the terminal or non-mobile web pages.

When I tried this same exercise on the computer website, the answer was marked correct.

I ask - please check the difference in the response of the regular website versus "mobile" website algorithms.

My mobile phone does not appear to offer the okina symbol. That to my experience is the difference with this question.

Thank you so very much.


Interesting. DL accepted the answer I typed when there was a spelling error. However, if I spelled the word correctly, I found the answer was not accepted.

ani was rejected. Pāana was accepted, but marked as a spelling error.



From the Hawaiian dictionary definition for "party":

  1. Festivity. Hoʻolauleʻa (large); pāʻina (dinner or supper), ʻaha inu (drinking).

Pāʻina is in there, you have to use their provided diacritical marks, though.

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