Regional languages

Hello, I'm french and I'm currently learning spanish on duolingo. I would be interested into learning a french regional language, alsatian (which is an alemanic language but very different from german), and I noticed that I'm not alone, another french guy would like to learn breton. I can maybe find people who would be interested into building lessons on duolingo. Does anybody know if it would be possible to add alsatian and breton?

January 26, 2019

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I am Swabian, which belongs to the same Alemanic group as Alsatian and I understand them quite well, but they don't want to speak with me in this wonderful language. As soon as they realise that I am a German they start speaking French. Maybe you have more luck not being German. To learn German dialects in a course based on writing is very difficult because there are no defined written standards. Only Luxemburgish has recently developped one. To add Breton seems much easier in this respect.

January 26, 2019

Hello, there is a writing standard for Alsatian, and it's very very different from German. The main problem regarding Alsatian is that it's changing from one village to the other, but there's a standard based upon Alsatian from Strasbourg. I'm Alsatian, but I only speak German, and it's the same for me, as I reply to Alsatian with Hoch Deutsch instead of Alsatian, they switch in French. :)

January 27, 2019
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