Video game reading/listening comprehension "practice" experiment

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So I played the main Uncharteds (1-4) on PS4 during the past few months, though I also watched tv shows and movies that time too, in Brazilian Portuguese (audio & subtitles) and that’s about 12-13 hours of dialogue from the same 3+ voice actors, btw they did great job.

Now, listening to the same dialogue without subtitles (links below), I notice I can comprehend a lot better, even the dialogue of the beginning of the first game when I didn’t know what was happening and wasn’t used to the voices of the voice actors yet, the two things that considerably help me now.

U1 dublado

U2 dublado

U3 dublado

U4 dublado

Also, my comprehension speed (reading) has gotten faster as well and I can follow more comfortably tv shows on netflix or video games so I’m excited for the second season of O Mecanismo and for playing some other games in BR-PT.

Interestingly, I’ve found this (listening to the audio and reading the subtitles) "practice" to be effective for reading comrehension speed than wih just regular reading, because the subtitles are changing rapidly compared to the pace when you read a book or news for example, there’s no hurry really and no challenge.

Shortly I’m happy how this turned out. I wasn’t practicing really but my Portuguese got a bit better. =P

For reference if you’re curious to try out playing Uncharteds/games to better your portuguese (or other language) my vocab during these games has been about 5000+ and I didn’t encounter that many new words during these games and found it very manageable to follow the story. I found the reading comprehension speed to be a bigger challenge than the words as you can’t adjust the speed of the audio or the game. Well maybe there are tricks to that but I’m not aware of them. =D

I think I’m still far away from watching a novela without subtitles but I’m hopeful that maybe after the same amount of hours, 12+, of listening to the same actors, I could finally begin to get used to their way of speaking. But, I still feel like when natives talk in a native context, it’s more difficult, I don’t know, in dubbing the language is maybe more standard and thus easier to understand. Lastly I’m still scared of Porta dos fundos. That’s some upper echelon haha.

2 weeks ago

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kkkkkk is always difficult to understand a native of any language other than ours, the sooner you will be able to understand a dialogue or a movie I think that if put to watch a little slowly you will understand that I would not give the patience for this, doors of the backgrounds and wonderful after watching I think you'll like the '' the headlights '' and a very cool national movie, it's like if you need help with Portuguese and just talk.

2 weeks ago
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