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L25 in French

I've just literally just reached the L25 in French!

January 27, 2019




why do you try to bring EVERY previous skill to the highest L5 crown level?

Good news:

You are on the contributor tree3: https://www.duome.eu/Rezano_Khaggio/progress

If I were you, I would hurry to push forward and complete the tree with the rest of ALL dedicated grammar skills.
You have already passed 53-62% on L1 level.

Very likely that staff will remove this (A/B) tree from you somewhere in 2019 and migrate you to the staff tree8 or tree12 courses.
Those both trees do not contain those dedicated* 26+ grammar skills from tree3...the sentences might be somewhere hidden in random "vocabulary skills" (same approach than with the EN->Spanish staff course).

So instead of "wasting" too much time in the beginning with too many RANDOM repetitions by completing the individual "crown session" in sequence I would focus on L0->L1 skill completion and combine it with spaced repetition (SR) for the recently learned skills to make use of shorter 4h, 12h, 1d and 4-6 day review repetitions (and those sentences you have previously seen on the L1 crown skill level).


You can use this (old) SR Duolingo concept even for L1 crown skills.

If you do not like it, then stick to the crown pyramid L2-L3 (max) level-up system until you have actually completed your tree and you have seen ALL French grammar.

Actually, you can use both approaches ;)

IMHO you should really try to see the "big picture" of French grammar.

This is one of the big benefits of the contributor tree3 and your last chance!

I really enjoy being able to do this with my own Portuguese tree, which has the same superb (grammar focused) concept.

If the system moves you earlier to the newer A/B trees, you might (very likely) lose your progress and crowns and you have no chance anymore to choose all the available "grammar skills" with the "skill practice" button for any re-strengthening.

To give you a time range:

I was able to complete my 69 skill (406 lessons) Portuguese course within one year before the crowns update on language level 16.
Two days after I leveled up to level 17.

I did not only complete the (L1) skills but regularly practiced the previous skills with the practice button.
The updated EN->PT course has now 91 skills and I recompleted it in June/July 2018; your French course has 96 skills.

The more difficulty grammar stuff will be showing up at the bottom in your course!

You better save your energy for this to be able to really push forward in the next 3-4 months (hopefully before any French tree migrations happen)! :-)

I do really not think that you will have ~1,5-2,0 years time to complete this French contributor tree3 on the highest L5 crown level anymore!

Take care.

With best regards


Thumbs up! Looking forward to reaching the same milestone soon.


Forgive me, I know nothing of the structure of Duolingo. I have only the experience of using it to facilitate travelling regularly to France.

So, please tell me, what is the significance of level 25 ? thanks...



L25 means you have reached 30,000 XP and you have practiced a lot :-)

Before crowns you could expect to finish a tree at language level 17 or earlier, depending how much you had reviewed.
Many people had completed their trees and practice further 1,0-1,5 years to reach the highest 25 level...
......or they had used the tool "Immersion" for translation when it was still available to US or Asian citizens in 2016 and before to reach those higher XP levels.

With the crowns update in 2018 L25 does not mean that much anymore, as you are expected to gain much more than 30,000XP if you want to complete a longer tree for all skills at the highest crown level.

I had seen other users report that you can probably put ~60,000-80,000XP into it, depending on the tree size.

Quite much has changed with the introduction of crowns...

Newer French trees 8+12 (119 skills vs 156 skills/741 lessons) are really huge and if more language levels were available (they are not), you could probably even reach the ~80,000-100,000XP mark in a language course (I have not done any detail math, sorry) :-)


Thanks @Thomas.Heiss, I have three key objectives which all fall outside of Duolingo... they are real world objectives, so somewhere, now or in the future, it would be useful to see how Duolingo "measurements" relate to users "real world" needs... or at least for those behind the programme to bear this is mind.

My objectives are simple: (1) Be a social person in France (and other French speaking countries, I've been in four others so far) (2) Be able to read and understand well social print... so everything from a cornflakes packet to a newspaper, and much longer term (3) watch French TV and understand as much as I can. I'm already getting the hang of key phrases in the weather forecast, some news (France24) and the rugby matches... mainly because I'm sitting in bars with locals. Exploring the milieu of Duolingo simply because I'm using it to learn a language, might be a dangerous practice if it derails my core objectives... but we'll see. Thank you again for a very clear and comprehensive explanation.

[deactivated user]

    Level 25 is the highest level possible on Duolingo at the moment :)


    But that doesn't stop you completing your tree.


    L25 is the top level of each course.


    No - it just means you have put in a lot of hours. There is still lots to do. Lots of skills not even started yet.


    You can’t become fluent off duolingo alone anyways, the level is just for fun and a sense of achievement.

    I had duolingo a few years ago, and levels used to mean a lot more. Before the crown level thing you could spend years levelling up after finishing a tree, so I imagine it feels like a bigger signifigance for anyone who had it back then


    Bhí sé cabhrach. Grma. Bhí sé go deas bualadh leat anseo ar Duo.


    rezano_khaggio well done


    Très bien!


    Great - but you haven't finished the tree - so lots to do yet. Generally doing every skill to 5 in one go is not a great idea. Try and spread out what you are learning over time.


    Well, Madam, I'm gonna change my approach and as of today I do each skill to L1 and upon completion of the tree, Im gonna attempt to get L2, L3, L4, and L5 for all of 'em.


    I admire a person who changes their ways when corrected (unasked, and on the internet, no less!).

    You may find that you have to practice some skills to a higher level than 1 to understand them the first time around. Don't be afraid to bring tricky levels to a 2 or 3 before moving on.

    And congratulations on level 25. I'm on pace to hit that milestone sometime this summer.


    Et comment faisez-vous afin de ameliorer tes francais apres avez-vous fini l'arbre de duolingo en tout les niveaux?


    I'm just contemplating for my future steps loudly on French :P


    TBH, Duolingo is not my only tool to learn French, though the best it is, I use other materials such as video courses especially for speaking skill.


    Here’s a Web site I find helpful in improving oral comprehension skills. Le Journal en Français facile allows you to follow along with a transcription so if you miss a word you can see it. https://savoirs.rfi.fr/en/apprendre-enseigner/langue-francaise/journal-en-francais-facile-28012019-20h00-gmt


    Congratulations! )

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