TO EAT OR TO HAVE OR TO TAKE BREAKFAST= The question is perhaps more complicated than first appears

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From the internet= IT SEEMS THAT ALL FORMS SHOULD BE ACCEPTED =(Some very genteel, or mock-genteel, people even say to take breakfast. LRV's advice is excellent, as usual.) The question is perhaps more complicated than first appears. Whether I eat breakfast or have breakfast or take breakfast depends on the context.

Let me look for some examples to see if I'm talking rubbish. Usual caveats about relying on Google - these are search results, not surveyed usage preferences. 14,000 for "I eat breakfast 16,700 for "I have breakfast 10 for "I take breakfast

2,670 for "I ate breakfast 998 for "I had breakfast 95 for "I took breakfast

18,100 for "you eat breakfast 303,000 for "you have breakfast 4,030 for "you take breakfast

360 for "you ate breakfast 787 for "you had breakfast 2 for "you took breakfast

24,100 for "we eat breakfast 243,000 for "we have breakfast 87 for "we take breakfast

835 for "we ate breakfast 27,900 for "we had breakfast 252 for "we took breakfast

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