"My father makes furniture."

Translation:Ayah saya membuat furnitur.

January 27, 2019

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I got "mebel" instead of furniture in a multiple choice


in mar 2020, me too & other comment was a year ago!!


As of January 2021, Duo still gives us "mebel" out of the blue... I haven't learned "mebel" in Level 0 and suddenly "mebel" comes up in a multiple choice question in Level 1.


I wpuld say Bapak saya. Would that be considered wrong?


I have just posted your question on HiNative. https://hinative.com/questions/18293749 Usually I get multiple answers within 24 hours.


Let me summarize the answers I got from native speakers.

  • Ayah: Often used in writing such as novels and biographies. The original Duolingo sentence sounds like the speaker is explaining his father's job in an article or a book.

  • Bapak: You can also say "Bapak saya membuat furnitur" in this exercise. Report it if your answer was rejected. As many of you know, "bapak" (or "pak") is also used when you address senior males. But addressing with "bapak" sounds like the speaker is somehow childish (in a good way). This childish nuance is applied only when you address someone (i.e. "Bapak saya membuat funitur" is not an addressing case, so there is no difference between "bapak saya" and "ayah saya").

  • Bokap: is derived from dialect in Jakarta metropolitan area. I found a sample sentence with "bokap". "Nyokap udah mutusin buat ninggalin bokap" means "My mother has made up her mind to leave my father" in a casual tone. The standard written sentence should be "Ibuku sudah memutuskan untuk meninggalkan ayahku". (See page 99 in an academic report by a professor)

Hope this helps!


Asking again about bapak

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