"Grandfather cannot read the letters that I write."

Translation:Kakek tak bisa membaca huruf yang aku tulis.

January 27, 2019

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I think it would help that if there are more than one options for a word to choose from (in this case "letters") that the correct answer should reflect the appropriate options. In this case: "Kakek tak bisa membaca huruf/surat-surat yang aku tulis". Not sure if a 'slah' (/) is the best way to present it - I will leave that to the experts.


I agree with donny, it is unclear which type of 'letters' this refers to.


Why is "kakek tidak bisa membaca huruf yang saya menulis" not accepted?


Objection, Your Duolinguistic Honor: "letters" as used here is vague and ambiguous.


This is very ambiguous. "letters" in this case meaning alphabet, not as in post. In this case, both answers should be marked correctas a face-to face teacher would mark.


Letters can be either surat-surat or huruf-huruf (both must be plural). Translating letters into huruf (singular) is not correct.


I agree letters are letters you send by mail except french letters???

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